The proportion of mobile payment in food industry is increasing rapidly in recent years. All the food shops, from high-level restaurant to fast food chains, can access variety of mobile payment tools. Such change of payment method may also bring more possibility of reform in dining industry.
Here comes NEXGO custom-built catering system.

  • Order system
    Customized order system. With N5, we can directly complete the process of making an appointment, reserving a table, placing orders, getting served with food etc., which reduces the cost of the restaurant operation.

  • Scan to order
    Customers can scan the QR code pasting at a vacant table with their phones, to access into the self-order interface. Customers could choose dishes and place orders, then waiters can check and confirm the orders on the N5. This self-order system will improve flexibility of ordering.

  • Cash function
    The cashier function of N5 supports a variety of payment methods: card swiping, contactless, Apple Pay, WeChat, AliPay, Meituan, baidu, Dazongdianping purchase vouchers verification, etc.

  • Loyalty function
    Merchants can set credits rules according to the level of storefront, card, consumer goods, member's birthday, etc. customers can get credits through the transaction, and accumulate the credits to pay or trade the gifts.

  • Membership system
    Membership system provides a powerful membership function to enhance customer’s satisfaction. The membership system can provide the pre-paid function to the customers, and the restaurant can speed up the withdrawal of funds, bind customers deeply, and enhance the members’ loyalty.

  • Marketing function
    Be different with the traditional paper coupons, the electronic coupon function would provide a powerful marketing campaign. The system can help to establish the marketing activities, and target to send coupons to members to enhance members’ activity.

  • Statistical analysis
    N5 custom-built catering system has strong statistical analysis function. It is based on flexible filter to filter statistics; the merchants could easily view real-time operating condition. The system will help the daily operation and management for merchants by providing the most important data.
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